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The Countries That Drink The Most Wine

Wine is an amazing beverage. It is a staple of both high-end restaurants and college dorm parties. Humans have been cultivating grapes and drinking wine since around the time we invented agriculture. The Wine Institute of California tracks a number of wine statistics,...

Risky business: pairing Pinot Noir and food

Pinot Noir in all its glory! Pinot Noir is a great wine, fine, with a subtle charm and it lends itself to be combined with a multitude of dishes: from a simple kebab to a tasteful duck breast with pomegranate. We have involved in this gastronomic journey some of the...

Baby, it’s cold outside…

Jack Frost nipping at your nose? How about chasing the chill away with Kaltenthaler Gingerbread Cream Liquor. Wonderfully warming in your cocoa or coffee.  Available in Manitoba at most Liquormart locations.

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