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BKG Distributors is a wine, spirits and beer agency dedicated to bringing the best products at the best prices to the consumer. Please take time to explore our site and find your new favourite. More about BKG Distributors

About Us

In 2007 Bennie Gusnowsky ventured forth to start BKG Distributors. As a trained chef and with a degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management, six years experience in the wine industry, and eighteen years overall in sales, Bennie decided to jump at the opportunity to start his own company. His passion for good drink brought him to represent many great wine, beer and spirits producers. He started with a small but impressive portfolio of wines from Chile, Argentina, New Zealand, and South Africa.

BKG Distributors has extensively expanded their portfolio since then to include wines, beers, and spirits from a variety of countries at various price points. BKG Distributors has built their company to represent more than thirty meticulously chosen, award winning producers from all over the world and also strives to meet any special request or demands. This has introduced products from countries such as Uruguay, Peru and Bulgaria to name a few. The company is also a strong supporter of wineries that give back to the community, produce fair trade wines, and attempt to be a solution to the economical as well as social challenges in their communities.

Guided by Bennie’s passion and expertise, the dynamic BKG Distributors team has forged a unique identity in the wine trade and is fast becoming one of Manitoba’s and Saskatchewan’s well recognized agencies with an eye on future expansion into British Columbia, Alberta, and Ontario.

Our Mission Statement

BKG Distributors will fill the needs of the consumer by providing excellent quality products at key prices in the market and supporting client brands with aggressive marketing strategies.

Visit our Producers and Clients

Our company is a success due to our producers and customers. Please take time to get to know them by visiting their websites.

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