Qu Chardonnay


Unique aromas, almost like a fresh garden with fruits and flowers; hints of lychee, citrus and pineapple all rounded with oak and buttery notes. It is flavourful, nicely balanced and refreshing with a soft, creaminess and oak notes at the finish.

This Chard comes from our own vineyards, very near to the big Teno River, ( less than 3 kms) “Los  Carros Estate” . Fully stony and well drainage soil. Our Home and winery are located here too. The grapes get a complete ripening process with the modetaration in weather conditions offered for the Teno River influence, keeping the fruit , the elegant and freshness of this special terroir.

The grapes are hand-picked very early in the morning. Once in cellar, the complete clusters are pressing, to extract the juice more carefully. The clean juice is inoculated and fermentation is controlled at between 12° and 14°C. Once the fermentation begins, 50% of juice is racked to barrels for complete the process and continue there for 8 months until final blend.